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2012 NFL Draft: Brandon Weeden Could Be Gone For Chiefs In Second Round

The buzz on Brandon Weeden is strong at the right time leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft. This is the key point where a player wants to have his stock rise, and Weeden is the right quarterback at the right time. While Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and even Ryan Tannehill are assured of a high draft spot, Weeden has been late to the first round party. Perhaps his time as come.

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes, "Brandon Weeden is starting to look like a key player in the draft. A good chance now exists the QB is going to be selected in the later stages of the first round, and it seems likely teams will try to jockey for position to get Weeden. If the Browns don't select Tannehill early, they could take him with the 22nd pick. Or another team could try to jump the Browns by moving up from the early second round. The Browns also could try to move down in the late 20s to take Weeden."

The Chiefs were among the teams mentioned for Weeden in the second round, and he would provide fantastic value if he falls that far. That said, Pompei is likely right that a fourth quarterback goes in the first round. There are just too many holes to fill for a franchise quarterback at the next level that someone won't try to trade up and get Weeden if he falls too far. The Browns at No. 22 certainly make the most sense.

Instead the Chiefs will likely have to wait until a later round and grab a Russell Wilson or B.J. Coleman if they want a developmental player.