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NFL Draft 2012: Coby Fleener's Stock Could Be Falling

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The Kansas City Chiefs already signed Kevin Boss to a one-year deal and they have Tony Moeaki in house. But given the durability questions surrounding Moeaki, the Chiefs could decide to go with a tight end in the draft if the value is right. After all, the team has already stated they can go in any direction they want in the 2012 NFL Draft. With that in mind, a value could be coming in Stanford tight end Coby Fleener.

The reason is that Fleener's status could be dropping with the word that his game is not as great as everyone is making it out to be. Bob McGinn of the Journal-Sentinel received word from some team scouts who didn't think Fleener was that great.

"He wasn't even the best tight end on their team," another scout said. "No. 11 (sophomore Levine Toilolo), that's the real deal. He might be the most overrated guy in the draft. He's awful as a blocker. Despite his workout numbers he's really not a quick-twitch, dynamic-moving guy. He's a straight-line, build-up player. All these reports about him being an athlete and this and that, they're assuming that because he ran fast. He's really just a red-zone, jump-ball player."

Perhaps this is all draft smokescreen, but if not, it could really make the Chiefs offense into a more dynamic spread than it already is with a receiver like Fleener on hand. The Patriots flex Aaron Hernandez out wide as did the Colts with Dallas Clark. Fleener could be the same kind of player. Of course, the Chiefs would have to believe it was the best value around to take him since tight end is not the greatest need, but a player that slips in the draft is the kind of guy who could become the best value. Just ask Justin Houston.