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NFL Draft 2012: Michael Floyd Possible First Round Choice For Chiefs, Per Mike Mayock

Now that we're only within a few days of the 2012 NFL Draft, some new names are being bandied about for the Kansas City Chiefs first round choice at No. 11. While Luke Kuechly, Michael Brockers and David DeCastro make sense for the Chiefs, Mike Mayock has a surprise name in store -- one that would certainly make the Chiefs offense and even roster layout very interesting: Michael Floyd.

The wide receiver from Notre Dame is among the top one or two wide receivers in the entire draft class, but the Chiefs already have Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe and last year's first round choice Jon Baldwin in house. To take Floyd would give the Chiefs one of the best wide receiver groups in the NFL, but it would also be a luxury pick unless it opened up a trade of Bowe to another team.

However, Mayock believes it's a real possibility. "Once you get past Jacksonville, I would say that Miami at eight, if they don't take a quarterback, need a wide receiver very badly. The Panthers I think will take a defensive lineman but they need a wide receiver at nine. The Bills at ten need a wide receiver. I think the Chiefs and the Seahawks at 11 and 12 both need receivers and then the Jets at 16."

While it's not likely to happen, it's definitely interesting that one of the most respected draft experts is open to the possibility. It's even more drama to add to the fire that will finally go out this weekend.

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