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NFL Will Remove Camera Coverage Of Green Room During Draft Selections

It was the single most annoying facet the NFL could correct as a viewer of the Draft process, so the league should be applauded for its latest announcement. Given the presence of cameras everywhere at the NFL Draft, it’s become a regular feature for the camera to show a prospect on the phone who is being selected before commissioner Roger Goodell can announce the choice. Now that won’t be happening this weekend.

“We realized that we have been doing the viewer a disservice in that we have lost some of the excitement of when the commissioner walks up to the podium and announces the pick for the first time,” said Eric Weinberger, the executive producer of the NFL Network. “We’re not going to tip when the kids are on the phone with their team. The first time the public hears officially that a young man is chosen is going to be from Commissioner Goodell’s mouth.”

It’s always annoying to have the suspense removed as the viewer when you see the family hugging and the prospect crying even before the announcement is made. There’s something about having to wait until the announcement is made at the podium — those few seconds where the question hangs in the air between the analysts going silent and the commish speaking up. Perhaps it’s all too dramatic, but if you’re a fan of the draft then you know the feeling.

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