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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Brock Osweiler To Chiefs In Third Round

The Kansas City Chiefs were expected to address the quarterback position at some point this offseason since the team came out and said they wanted to upgrade the competition for Matt Cassel in a public statement. That rarely happens at Arrowhead, but then the Chiefs followed suit with another public declaration that they were interested in Peyton Manning. It was a clear sign that Cassel could be out or, at the very least, he would contend with someone else to be the 2012 starter.

However that hasn't unfolded the way fans believed it might. Instead, the team signed Brady Quinn to a modest back-up deal while other options like Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton and Chad Henne signed elsewhere. The team lost out on Peyton Manning to the Broncos and the best options in the draft will be long gone by the time the Chiefs select. However, Walter Football's Charlie Campbell believes the team might strike for their long-term quarterback in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft with Brock Osweiler.

"The Chiefs grab a quarterback to groom for a year or two behind Matt Cassel. Osweiler is visiting Kansas City before the draft," writes Campbell. "Osweiler (6-6, 242) is big-armed pocket passer who has surprising mobility. The former basketball player has good athletic ability for being so tall. Looking at him, one would think he would be a statue in the pocket, but that is definitely not the case as he is a good scrambler."

The pick makes sense for the Chiefs in a number of ways and it's hard not to love some things about Osweiler's game. His stock has been rising in multiple mocks, so this is a move that's easy to imagine played out in the third round. It depends on draft value and who is left on the board, but Campbell continues to make solid picks for the Chiefs in his latest mock.