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Chad Clifton Released By Packers, Might Not Play Again Per Adam Schefter

As soon as a player is released in the NFL, the immediate question asked by fans is usually something along the lines of "Can we get him?" Chad Clifton is being released by the Green Bay Packers today, per Adam Schefter, and given the lack of depth at offensive tackle, it's easy for Chiefs fans to wonder whether he's a candidate to bring in on the open market. However, Schefter's report likely puts that in doubt.

Instead, Clifton is questionable to even play again. The long-time Packers left tackle failed his physical, and it's hard to imagine the Chiefs bringing in an older, aging veteran they can't count on. A better version of the same player is available now on the market in Marcus McNeill, and the Chiefs haven't made a move there either.

Clifton certainly deserves the greatest exit the Packers can give him. Here's hoping he's healthy enough to leave the NFL on his own terms. But he won't be signing with the Chiefs anytime soon.