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NFL Mock Draft: Greg Cosell Has Luke Kuechly To Chiefs At No. 11

One of the best and most underrated talent evaluators in the NFL media is Greg Cosell. He’s been interesting and unique in his observations for NFL Media all throughout this offseason, so with the release of his first ever mock draft, it’s something Chiefs fans should pay close attention to. As he unveils his choices, he has Luke Kuechly heading to the Chiefs at No. 11.

Cosell loves Kuechly and says that anyone trying to take anything away from the Boston College linebacker is completely missing the point. He writes:

The Chiefs under Romeo Crennel are quietly building an excellent defense. Focus on linebacker: It’s a very good group that features Tamba Hali and Justin Houston on the outside, and Derrick Johnson inside. You add Luke Kuechly to the mix, and you may well have the best 3-4 linebacking unit in the NFL. I’m tired of hearing about Kuechly’s average athleticism. I watched game after game after game and he played fast with urgent reaction speed. He played with his eyes better than any linebacker I can remember evaluating. His so-called inability to play physically? Watch the NFL as extensively as I do, and you’ll know that very few linebackers take on blocks. That’s a time-worn cliché that really has little practical application.

It’s hard to ignore that kind of production in college and a player who projects so well on a team that could use the upgrade. Romeo Crennel has to love the thought of having Eric Berry back and ready to play alongside a unit strengthened by the addition of Kuechly.