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2012 NFL Draft: Will Shields Set To Announce Chiefs Second Round Choice

Two former Kansas City Chiefs offensive linemen will announce different picks in this year's upcoming 2012 NFL Draft. Will Shields will be announcing the team's second round choice at No. 44 and Willie Roaf will announce the New Orleans Saints' selection when the 2012 NFL Draft commences the second round on Friday night. The first night's selections are announced by the commissioner Roger Goodell.

From the team's press release, "The NFL began a tradition last year of having alumni from every team announce each selection of the draft's second round. If a team does not have a second round selection or trades out of the round, the player will announce the club's third-round pick. St. Louis is represented by two players this year, pushing the alumni count to 33 total representatives."

Shields was a 12-time Pro Bowl lineman in the NFL and was up for Hall of Fame consideration this year for the first time.

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