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NFL Draft 2012: Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins Top Two Quarterback Options For Chiefs Per Scouts, Inc.

As the 2012 NFL Draft looms in the next 36 hours, some clearer analysis is beginning to come out concerning particular players and teams. As Scouts, Inc.‘s Gary Horton surveys the quarterback market and where certain players could fall, he surmises that Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill and Michigan State’s Kirk Cousins are likely the guys that make the most sense to land with the Chiefs.

The Kansas City front office has checked in on both players, and Tannehill reportedly visited Kansas City. Whether or not the Chiefs are interested is one question, but the bigger is whether or not he will even be available by the time the Chiefs select at No. 11. Horton says not to expect a reach:

The Chiefs could easily take Tannehill at No. 11 if he dropped to them. They think he fits their offense perfectly with his ability to use a moving pocket and make the downfield throws. However, moving up to get him or taking one of the other QBs with pick No. 44 is unlikely. This may be a Tannehill-or-pass scenario for Kansas City, although there are recent rumors that the Chiefs might look seriously at Cousins in the second round. Both Tannehill and Cousins make sense, as they could sit and learn behind Matt Cassel for at least a year.

The Chiefs have the comfortable ability to take who they want knowing that at least an effective quarterback is in place for 2012 in Matt Cassel. While it’s easy to argue the merits of whether or not Cassel can take the team to the next level, it does give the Chiefs some leeway to choose without having to reach.