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Roger Goodell Discusses Moving NFL Draft Away From New York City

The NFL makes good business when they rotate their product. The city of Indianapolis just enjoyed the spoils of hosting a Super Bowl and were lauded with accolades for the job that they did. The NFL Draft could become the next event to move away from its familiar location at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. However, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says it’s not something the league is ready for just yet.

“We discussed it,” he explained this week in a media session. “Our biggest changes in the last few years was reducing the time in many of the rounds and moving it to primetime. Those had a great impact. We have discussed the idea of if you would move one of the rounds, one of the evenings or one of the days to another site because there is a lot of interest in doing this in other markets. We are still not there yet. We are still debating that.”

It’s hard to see a city like Kansas City ever putting on an event like this, but it would be easy to move it to other locales where TV events of this scale are put on — from Los Angeles, which really makes no sense to move without a franchise there, to DC and other potential places. It’s also hard to imagine how much impact on the local market it would make since it’s not nearly the fan-driven event that a Super Bowl is.

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