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Dwayne Bowe Could Sign Franchise Tender From Chiefs To Keep Team From Drafting Michael Floyd, Justin Blackmon

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the rumor that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe might sign his franchise tag sooner than later. The reason? The Chiefs could go ahead and select a first round wideout in this year’s draft that would then strip him of his franchise designation. The end result is that Bowe would be a free agent.

“Yes, that would make Bowe an unrestricted free agent,” writes Florio. “But with the big money for free agents long since dried up, Bowe wouldn’t get a deal remotely close to the one he would have gotten on March 13, the day on which the market opened. At this point, his short-term and long-term interests may be better served by accepting the one-year, $9.5 million offer and trying to get a long-term deal while under contract.”

It’s hard to imagine that the Chiefs would do this, however. They have other positions to upgrade in the draft and the No. 11 pick is a solid enough placement to guarantee a safe, top performer at guard, linebacker or in the secondary. Michael Floyd could conceivably be available at the Chiefs draft slot, so perhaps that’s a match. However could the Chiefs really lose Bowe for nothing the same way they did Brandon Carr? That just doesn’t sound right.

There’s a lot of flexing and smokescreens around this time of year, posturing from front offices to players and other teams. Perhaps Bowe is falling for his own team’s rumor mill.

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