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Chris Mortensen: Could NFL Abolish Pro Bowl In 2012?

The word this morning from Chris Mortensen is that the NFL is thinking seriously about doing away with the Pro Bowl, the game's version of an All-Star competition. It's a surprise announcement considering the timing. The league already has to worry about draft preparations as well as the New Orleans Saints bounty and eavesdropping allegations and suspensions that are looming. It's hard to see how the league has time to worry about the Pro Bowl.

However, the thought is not that crazy. The game has several detractors and it has absolutely no competitive value to it at all. Players often skip it who can claim any injury at all, while any team playing in the Super Bowl automatically has its players removed from the game. It's a pointless exercise intended to extend the season yet another week for the fans.

In short, Mortensen reportedly stated, "The NFL is moving toward suspending the Pro Bowl ... could happen this year ... there's no reason to play it". Those are strong words which means the league could make this an easy decision and move away from it. However not everyone hates it since it still gets decent ratings compared to regular television and it provides players with some financial incentive -- plus a free vacation to Hawaii. Some might protest the decision.