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NFL Draft 2012: Nose Tackle Identified As Chiefs Biggest Need By Pro Football Focus

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As the 2012 NFL Draft gets started in just a matter of hours, Pro Football Focus has come out with each team’s primary need. For the Kansas City Chiefs, that position is nose tackle. While it’s not as important as some other team’s 3-4 defense considering how much KC actually changes its base set, the Chiefs still lack that dominant anchor in the middle for even half of the downs. Perhaps Jerrell Powe can grow into that role, but expect the Chiefs to draft another.

“The Chiefs’ roster is actually in pretty good shape, and for the most part they will be drafting for depth alone, but they could certainly do with a viable nose tackle for their 3-4,” writes Sam Monson. “Their scheme is a far more traditional 3-4 than most in the league, and they rely on three big down-linemen to stuff the run and tie up blockers for their linebackers. Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson have grown into that role pretty well, but Kelly Gregg was only ever a stopgap measure in the middle. If the Chiefs can find a nose tackle in the draft, then they’ll have the pieces in place. If they can find one that can also bring some pressure in sub-packages, then they’ll have hit the jackpot.”

The Chiefs are on the clock in tonight’s first round at No. 11.