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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Take Mark Barron

The final mock draft of the 2012 NFL Draft season is up at SB Nation's main page, and the Kansas City Chiefs are projected to take Alabama safety Mark Barron, a move that, combined with former SEC safeties Eric Berry of Tennessee and Kendrick Lewis of Ole Miss, would give the Chiefs one of the strongest secondaries in the NFL:

11. Kansas City Chiefs, Mark Barron, S, Alabama

Full disclosure, I had dinner with Joel Thorman, our NFL editor and the head honcho at Arrowhead Pride. He sees the Chiefs drafting Barron to play with Eric Berry, who could roam the backfield. It would give them one of the best secondaries in the league.

One thing to watch out for? The Dallas Cowboys, rumored to covet Barron enough to make a trade up from No. 14 to try and grab him before Kansas City.

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