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2012 NFL Draft: Peter King Believes Chiefs Will Avoid Ryan Tannehill If Available

Ryan Tannehill is the No. 3 rated available quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft on most draft boards, or at least according to mock experts, but that doesn’t mean that a team who has publicly stated they are interested in upgrading the quarterback position will pounce if he’s available. Instead, Peter King of Sports Illustrated says the team is likely to trade down or pass on Tannehill if he’s available at No. 11 in tonight’s first round action.

King writes, “It’s likely Tannehill goes to Miami at No. 8, obviously. If he doesn’t, I don’t see how he gets past the 11th pick. Not that Kansas City will take Tannehill; I don’t believe the Chiefs will. But GM Scott Pioli will have interest in dealing down from 11 (he moved from 21 to 26 last year for a third-round pick), and if Tannehill or Barron is here, I guarantee he’ll get a taker for the pick.”

The Chiefs came out early in the offseason and said they wanted to increase the competition for Matt Cassel, then stated they were going after Peyton Manning. Tannehill would certainly bring an intriguing prospect to the mix, but the Chiefs are connected with other safe talents in the draft rather than a first round risk like Tannehill.

Still it’s a possibility for the Chiefs and it’s impossible to tell which direction Scott Pioli will go.

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