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NFL Reaches Agreement With Players Union For Rookie Salary Pool

Since every NFL franchise is slated to pick any number of new players this weekend in the form of draftees, it was vital that the league reach a deal with the NFL Players Union on a deal for the new rookie wage pool. While the CBA has various parameters in place, the deal had not yet been reached which means that a team like the Indianapolis Colts could not even begin to negotiate real money with Andrew Luck without knowing what they were working. Apparently that's now been taken care of just minutes before the 2012 NFL Draft is set to begin.

Josh Alper at Pro Football Talk writes, "Albert Breer of reports that the NFL and the NFLPA have come to a basic agreement on the terms of the rookie salary pool for the 2012 season. With the pool in place, teams can start working out contracts that would be impossible without knowing how much was available. Breer's report has no information on the financial parameters."

The first round of the NFL Draft is set to kick off tonight at 7pm CT.