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NFL Draft Trade: Cowboys-Rams Make Move For Morris Claiborne At No. 6

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys have reached a deal with the St. Louis Rams for the No. 6 pick in the draft and the rumor is that they want to grab LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne in the process. The Rams pick up the second round choice of the Cowboys in the process.

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If so, that means a couple of things for the Kansas City Chiefs. First of all, the Cowboys will not be moving up for Mark Barron with the Chiefs, which means the safety could still be there at No. 11. This also means that the Cowboys will have brought in former Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr and then picked Claiborne in the draft to form one of the best young corner tandems in the NFL.

Credit the Cowboys for making significant moves in both the NFL Draft and free agency to address the team’s biggest need. The secondary has been reborn and now the team can move forward. The Rams, meanwhile, pick up other picks that they needed to help rebuild the team. The Chiefs now have one less trade partner.

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