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NFL Draft 2012: Mark Barron Heads To Buccaneers, Chiefs Will Look Elsewhere

Alabama safety Mark Barron was one of the hottest names for the Kansas City Chiefs in the last week in various mock drafts for the 2012 NFL Draft. Apparently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could care less about allowing him to drop any further. After trading down to No. 7 from No. 5 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, they will grab Barron off the draft board to help their secondary make the leap from the atrocious unit they put out there last season.

Adam Schefter has the word that Barron is the guy, which means that the Chiefs will have to look elsewhere. Mike Mayock had the Chiefs going with Barron, but now Luke Kuechly looks like the best available player. Then again, the Panthers or Bills could also take him if the Chiefs don’t move up. It’s hard to tell what will happen given the amount of trades so far.

It’s not surprising to see so many teams focusing on the secondary so early. Stephon Gilmore should be one of the next players taken since teams have to defend the pass so well.