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NFL Draft 2012: Kansas City Chiefs Reach For Ultimate Risk And Reward With Dontari Poe

If anything, credit Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli with being willing to reach for the ultimate “home run” as Chris Berman said in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The team chose Dontari Poe with the No. 11 overall selection, and it’s clear the Chiefs are hoping for his measurables from the NFL Combine to translate to on the field results.

Poe blew everyone away just two months ago with a performance at the Combine that was hard to believe. At 6-5, 350 lbs, Poe moved like a man possessed. He flashed everything a team could want — speed, agility, strength and the like. However, game tape from Memphis showed much less than that on the field during his time as a defensive tackle there.

Wes Bunting at the National Football Post writes, “Has a rare physical skill set due to his combination of flexibility, power and get off burst. However, he’s still learning the nuances of the position. If he’s willing to put in the time, Poe can mature into one of the leagues better interior presences. Nevertheless, because he’s raw his floor isn’t overly high either.”

The Chiefs said they feel comfortable taking anyone given that the team has very few holes to fill. This gives them the flexibility to make this type of pick. Now the team has to hope that Poe comes through with proper coaching. If the Chiefs did indeed just land the new Haloti Ngata, the Chiefs defense could be among the best in the NFL.

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