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NFL Draft 2012: Chiefs Passing On David DeCastro Gives Ryan Lilja Vote Of Confidence

David DeCastro has been called the best guard to come out for the NFL Draft since Steve Hutchinson. That’s a major statement and it was regarded as a position of need to upgrade for the Kansas City Chiefs. Apparently, the Chiefs feel okay about going with Ryan Lilja for another year as the starter (or at least the presumed starter) by passing on DeCastro for the sake of taking Dontari Poe at No. 11.

DeCastro remains on the board even past the No. 12 spot, so he wasn’t nearly as high on most teams’ draft boards as the mock analysts had him. Poe definitely addresses the bigger need, but it wasn’t the pick that most Chiefs fans were hoping for.

The Chiefs could definitely take a guard in the next few rounds since this is one of the deepest positions in this year’s draft. It’s clear that Scott Pioli goes with the overall market of the draft rather than the single player.

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