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NFL Draft 2012: Chiefs Pick Dontari Poe Unfortunately Compared To Ryan Sims

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs will likely have to take a deep breath on a night like tonight after the announcement of the team’s pick. Dontari Poe, defensive tackle from Memphis, could turn out to be the next Haloti Ngata or Casey Hampton in the middle of the d-line. However, Russ Lande of Sporting News says he reminds him of another player the Chiefs would like to forget: Ryan Sims.

Chiefs fans will remember Ryan Sims as the former No. 6 pick who was supposed to be, well, exactly what the Chiefs are hoping Poe will be. Sims played for the Chiefs for parts of five seasons and finally went to the Buccaneers after flaming out with the team. He was hyped as a teammate of Julius Peppers, but resembled nothing of his draft stock at the pro level.

The Chiefs have a new regime in place, so it’s unfair to project Sims onto Poe at this point. However, it’s hard to forget a wasted pick so early in the draft for Chiefs fans.

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