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2012 NFL Draft: Chiefs' Derrick Johnson Seems Ready, Excited To Play With Dontari Poe

Derrick Johnson already won the Kansas City Chiefs team MVP award last season and went to the Pro Bowl with a banner year at linebacker. WIth a monster in front of him like Dontari Poe, he and Tamba Hali could be even better. Johnson took to Twitter tonight to reveal his opinion of the Chiefs' first round draft choice and he seems quite excited.

The Chiefs had Kelly Gregg in the middle last year as an aging veteran along with some developmental or rotation players, but the Chiefs haven't had an anchor along the defensive interior for several seasons. If Poe can develop as expected, the Chiefs entire defense becomes potentially elite as Poe frees up several others. It will be interesting to see how Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey fare with Poe in the middle.