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2012 NFL Draft Grade: Dontari Poe Earns 'C' From Walter Football

Grading an NFL Draft class after one or even two seasons is an inexact science, so labeling someone good or bad on the day they’re taken seems like a joke. However, that doesn’t stop several sites and NFL analysts from making their opinions known on draft day. Walter Football came out with an instant grade on the Chiefs choice of Dontari Poe of Memphis at No. 11 and the results are middling with a “C” grade.

WF’s grade reads, “Ugh. Does Scott Pioli watch film? How can he spend such a high pick on a Combine star who did absolutely nothing on the field? I won’t ignore Dontari Poe’s upside, but he has major bust potential. David DeCastro would have been a much better selection.”

If Poe turns out to play well for the Chiefs and achieves even a ceiling as close as Haloti Ngata or another comparable player, the Chiefs will look back and smile with an A-plus in retrospect. For now, many will remain suspicious.

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