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NFL Draft 2012: Romeo Crennel Speaks About Dontari Poe's Ability As 3 Down Player

The Kansas City Chiefs knew they would have some explaining to do -- not because fans are demanding to know why the Chiefs refused to pick the player they wanted or else they will take action but because the public sentiment around picking Dontari Poe is confusing based on what has been said leading up to last night's choice of the Memphis DT in the first round. Romeo Crennel did his best to lay out the reason for his addition to the team in a press conference seen here. Crennel states:

Because he played every down at 350 pounds and he played every position along the line in the game. He's playing a 9-technique, he's playing a 7-technique, 5-technique, 3-technique, 1-technique, 2-technique and head up on the nose sometimes. He's a jack-of-all-trades so it's hard to be good at any one thing when you're doing all those things.

As a result of it, what they did was try to let him use his ability. They ran some stunts, they ran him up the field. They did some things with him against spread offenses where the ball is coming out pretty quick and he wasn't able to have the production that everyone wants him to have right away. I think when we get him here and get him in one spot we'll see this guy improve and he'll be productive and be a good player.

In short, it seems that Crennel and his staff believe that the display at the NFL Combine was a legitimate one, and that the way he was used at Memphis does not tell the story of the way he translates at the NFL level. In short, some vision is needed with Poe, and the fans will have to trust those who are paid to watch such things closely.

If anything, it's good to know that the Chiefs had a shot at a few guys who could have made "more sense" at the No. 11 position but they still went with Poe. As passionate as the fans are to get the right guy at that spot, the front office is even more invested.

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