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Scott Pioli: Dontari Poe Is 'Going 100 Miles An Hour, Even In 4th Quarter' On Game Tape

The Kansas City Chiefs threw their fans a surprise in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft with the selection of Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe. While there were other nose tackle options available on the board later in the draft as rotational options, there was something about the game tape that the Chiefs front office loved about Poe, and Scott Pioli gave some insight into that to's Josh Looney after the first round.

"If you watch tape, you can see that this guy is a strong player, he's a thick player and he's a tremendous athlete," Pioli said. "I think one of the things that you get to see on tape is his hustle, how hard he plays. This is a big man who is playing almost every snap of every game with a team and in a situation where they're losing a lot of football games. No matter what the score is and what the situation is, this guy is going 100 miles an hour, even in the fourth quarter. I think that has something to do with how we feel about his makeup."

To have a guy at that size and strength have that sort of stamina and versatility as well is something that the Chiefs really needed up front. A guy like Paul Soliai goes for top dollar on the open market, so it's clear the Chiefs could have drafted a major value here at No. 11 in the first round. Despite public cries for a player like David DeCastro, the impact of a nose tackle could be even greater. Only time will tell how Poe will turn out, but it's good to hear instant insight from the GM.

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