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NFL Draft 2012: Dontari Poe Calls Romeo Crennel A 'Defensive Genius'

The Kansas City Chiefs went against the grain of most mocks in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft with the choice of Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe. It's a selection that left many scratching their heads wondering about the value, the fit and the move with so many other prospects available for the Chiefs to choose from. Ask the insiders, however, and everyone believes it was the perfect choice on all sides, including Poe himself.

Poe particularly believes that he's going to love playing in Kansas City for new head coach Romeo Crennel.

"He's a defensive genius," Poe said of Crennel. "I think he's a D‑line coach at heart, and just learning from him and just doing whatever I can to make him proud in a sense and just be the best that I can be, I'm very excited for it. It was a best‑case scenario. You can never know what's going to happen in these drafts, so luckily for me, this was the place I wanted to be."

For those who wonder whether he can translate to the pro level successfully after winning only five games in his tenure at Memphis, Crennel says he's prepared to help Poe make the transition.

"That's what we get paid for - to coach," Crennel added. "So, we're going to do a really good job. Anthony Pleasant does a good job with the linemen that we have and our scheme. We're excited about (Poe) being here."

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