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2012 NFL Draft Grade: Mike Mayock Praises Dontari Poe, Calls Him Chiefs Version Of Haloti Ngata

Mike Mayock is one of the more respected NFL Draft analysts around, so it's good to know he's in your team's corner when you're left curious about a particular choice. For many Kansas City Chiefs fans, they likely went to sleep last night wondering what to make of the team's selection of Dontari Poe in the No. 11 slot in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. If you ask Mayock, it's worthy of a high grade.

Mayock writes, "Think Haloti Ngata. That's the kind of skill set and the kind of size he brings to the table. He's got average college tape, but he's got freakish athletic ability for a big man. Romeo Crennel has a good one here to coach up. ... Most rookie defensive tackles get taken off the field on third downs. This kid's best down is third down."

The Chiefs could definitely use the help in the defensive interior. As Jerrell Powe continues to develop in his first full offseason and the team resigned Amon Gordon to a two-year deal, the defensive line is now coming together in a way that's easy to see where Poe fits. WIth the base of the defense set, expect the Chiefs to address the back end on day two with secondary depth.

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