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NFL Draft Grades: Kansas City Chiefs Earn A 'C' For Dontari Poe

The gang at SB Nation's NFL team have already handed out their way too early 2012 NFL Draft grades (at least for the first round), and the somewhat debatable merits of Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe earned the Kansas City Chiefs a 'C' grade by the SB Nation squad:

Chiefs: Dontari Poe has the physical skills, but we're not sure if he can consistently put it together on tape. This pick can go either way.

How the Chiefs' draft class stacks up against their division rivals is a big, fat 'TBD' at the moment, what with Oakland having no first pick thanks to the Carson Palmer trade, and Denver trading their way out of the first entirely. San Diego earned a 'B' for Melvin Ingram from South Carolina, but the shakedown of this division is still yet to come.

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