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2012 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Grab Brock Osweiler, Strike First For Quarterback After First Round

The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos could both potentially take a back-up quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft. Both have checked out many of the same players and both have been linked to mock drafts taking the same guys in the same rounds. Kirk Cousins. Brock Osweiler. The teams share some eerily similar links for rivals. Well apparently the Broncos struck first with the report that they’re taking Osweiler in the second round.

Osweiler is a giant at 6-7 and an impressive specimen to learn at the pro level behind Peyton Manning. Elway has to love the ability to put a developmental guy behind one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

This might be a bit high for Osweiler, but it’s impossible to predict the quarterback market in the draft since every team operates by a different philosophy. Perhaps the Chiefs will strike with Kirk Cousins in the next round, go with Russell Wilson at some point or just leave the position alone.

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