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2012 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Have Five Saturday Picks

Though he hasn't turned the Kansas City Chiefs into the New England Patriots yet, it's hard not to like what Scott Pioli is doing. Kansas City has made selections in each of the first three rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft, addressing line concerns on both sides of the ball, and now on Saturday, the Chiefs hold five picks in rounds four through seven, giving the Chiefs a perfect opportunity to bolster the roster.

Despite all the rumors headed into the draft, KC did not trade up to draft quarterback Ryan Tannehill, so don't be surprised if the Chiefs take a quarterback in the later rounds today.

Barring any trades, this is where Romeo Crennel and Pioli will be picking for the Chiefs on Saturday:

Round 4, Pick 12 (107)
Round 5, Pick 11 (146)
Round 6, Pick 12 (182)
Round 7, Pick 11 (218)
Round 7, Pick 31 (238)

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