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2012 NFL Draft: Best Players Available On Day Three For Chiefs To Consider

Through the first three rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft, nearly 100 players have already come off the board. The common thought is that most of the starters have already been taken and the guys that are left are mostly special teams players with one or two guys who might break through. But remember that many of the difference makers on the Kansas City Chiefs were taken during rounds 4 through 7 in the NFL Draft in the past. Today the team hopes to add a few more.

Here are the top players to look for in day three of the NFL Draft:

Alameda Ta’amu – The Chiefs were often linked with Ta’amu in mock drafts within the first two days, so the fact that the 6-3, 341 lb. defensive tackle is still on the board could signal a solid value for Scott Pioli. Yes, the team has already drafted Dontari Poe, but if they added nearly 700 pounds of promising impact talent in the middle, the Chiefs could be set across the line for years to come and rotational players are always needed.

Lamar Miller – The Chiefs are set from the outside looking in at running back, yet the situation is more fragile than anyone realizes unless you look close. Peyton Hillis has injury concerns and is only a one-year signing. Jamaal Charles is coming off of rehab for a torn ACL. Dexter McCluster can hardly handle the load if needed, and the team could use another draftee at the position. Miller makes a great fit in round 4.

Josh Chapman – We already commented on the defensive line under Ta’amu above, but Chapman was another mid-round DT the Chiefs were linked with often. The Alabama star played through an ACL injury and showed incredible toughness. He’s proven his character and he should be healthy in time for training camp. Plus he’s been coached at the highest level and has championship experience.

Joe Adams – The team said earlier this offseason that adding speed at receiver is always a need. Adams played in Bobby Petrino’s offense at Arkansas and scored 25 touchdowns in his career, including 5 on punt returns. He can help on special teams and add another dimension in the passing game. He’d be a solid grab in the next round or two.

Kirk Cousins – The Michigan State quarterback worked out for the Chiefs already and my gut feeling is that if the Chiefs are going to pull the trigger on a quarterback in this draft, it will be him. If Cousins is taken by another team, then it’s likely the Chiefs will leave the position alone entirely.

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