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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Tyler Bray To Chiefs In First Round

For those of you who thought the NFL Draft season was over and that you could move on to other topics, I have some bad news. For those of you who were depressed after the seventh round hoping for more, it's amazing to start to see the 2013 NFL Mock Drafts starting to appear. While they will go away shortly at least until next draft season, the early mocks project a quarterback to the Chiefs as they have this year to figure out whether Matt Cassel is their man and what they have in Ricky Stanzi.

Tyler Bray is heading to the Chiefs in Eric Galko's 2013 mock from Optimum Scouting. He has the Chiefs picking at No. 22 in the first round, which is good news for Chiefs fans, and writes, "-Even if the Chiefs make the playoffs, Matt Cassell's future isn't safe. Bray may go higher." The Chiefs didn't sign a major free agent to compete with Cassel nor did they make a major draft investment on a rookie. In short, it's sink or swim for Cassel in 2012.

Bray is the quarterback at Tennessee, someone local fans will see a lot more of now that Missouri is in the SEC.

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