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NFL Draft 2012: Kansas City Chiefs Unofficial Sign 7 Undrafted Free Agents

The Kansas City Chiefs did not finish their work in the 2012 NFL Draft when they submitted their final card to make the second of their two seventh round selections. Instead, then they had to scramble to finalize invitations and contracts for multiple players known as undrafted free agents — the kind of signings that turn into starts like Jovan Belcher potentially. These signings are just as important as late round picks, since the talent differential is so small between the last tier of players. is a good site to check out these lists, and they have the Chiefs at an unofficial count of seven. They have a lot less than their AFC West counterparts, including the Chargers who have 13 and Broncos with 11. These names and numbers could change throughout the day until the team officially releases a statement.

Here’s an unofficial list of the Chiefs undrafted free agent signings:
Nate Eachus, RB, Colgate
Josh Bellamy, WR Louisville
Brandon Kinnie, WR Nebraska
Ethan Johnson, DE, Notre Dame
Neiko Thorpe, S, Auburn
Dexter Heyman, LB, Louisville
Cam Holland, OC, UNC

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