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NFL Draft 2012: Scott Pioli Admits Process Was Hard Without New Bears GM Phil Emery

Successful teams are constantly having their top coaches, scouts and front office personnel poached in the National Football League as other teams hope to replicate the success that they’ve had.

From the Patriots to the Packers this season, teams hope that connecting themselves in some way with a direct line to the team’s past success will rub off on their future. The Bears took the Chiefs’ Phil Emery earlier this offseason as their new GM and the team is hoping that he will bring some of Scott Pioli’s run of success with him to Chicago.

Pioli admits that it was hard without Emery this time around after several years alongside him through the draft process.

"This was a challenging preparation overall with Phil Emery leaving us," Pioli said. "I can’t tell you how proud I am of the guys in the scouting department and the coaches. This is as interesting and as energizing collaboration between a large group of people that I’ve been involved with in a long time."

Emery helped engineer the trade that brought over Brandon Marshall this offseason and led the picks of Shea McClellin and Alshon Jeffery for the Bears first two picks in the draft.

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