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NFL Nike Uniforms: Packers, Raiders Among Teams Refusing New Look

The Kansas City Chiefs are among many adapting to the new Nike uniforms supplied to the NFL after a decade of Reebok affiliation ran out. From fan merchandise to actual on-field products, the NFL will now feature Nike products from head to toe. But unlike the Chiefs, some teams are refusing to budge from tradition.

“The jerseys are said to be lighter and stronger allowing for freer movement from the athletes,” writes Joel Thorman. "But not every team has the new fabric. Nike has detailed information on every team and at least three teams — Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers — have chosen to stay with their 'former uniform fabrication' in the 2012 season."

Note that it doesn’t say that this is a long-term decision. Perhaps the NFL will hand down the mandate to merge with Nike after one season. After all, the NFL tells coaches what to wear and fined Jack Del Rio for wearing a Tom Landry-like suit instead of wearing team apparel on the sidelines. Yet some of the teams are understandable in their refusal, given the history and tradition of teams like the Raiders and Packers. As for the Panthers? There’s no telling what the reasoning is.

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