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PHOTO: Chiefs New Nike Uniform Modeled By Dwayne Bowe

Today is a major day in the NFL. You might not have realized it since free agency started weeks ago and we're still three weeks from the NFL Draft. Spring practices started Monday for teams with new head coaches and they don't start for another two weeks for every other team. But today was apparently a day worth celebrating because, well, Nike unveiled their new uniforms.

If you like to watch Project Runway, then perhaps you're celebrating with everyone else. In that case, you might dig what you see here as Dwayne Bowe sports the Chiefs new look:

The Chiefs have made some nice acquisitions this offseason, and Eric Winston at right tackle is especially nice. But perhaps nothing will help the Chiefs win nearly as much as these incredible new uniforms that have a slightly different shade of red.

For a less snarky view of the new Chiefs uniforms, check out Arrowhead Pride for more details.