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NFL Draft 2012: Luke Kuechly's Stock Could Range All Over First Round

After weeks or even months of speculation that Luke Kuechly was a near-certain selection in the top 10 or 12 of the 2012 NFL Draft, Rob Rang now offers a new idea that Kuechly could slip all the way to the very end of the first round if a team like the Kansas City Chiefs do not take him. The value for that position at inside linebacker simply isn't there for many teams, which makes the Chiefs one of the few buyers for Kuechly -- at least at that early spot.

Rang writes, "he reality is, however, that inside linebackers have lessened in value as NFL offenses increasingly turn to the passing game. Should Kuechly 'slip' past Kansas City and Seattle, there are very few teams with obvious needs at inside linebacker. One veteran NFL scout, in fact, cautioned that should Kuechly slip outside of the top 12 picks, his slide might not end until the Giants pick at No. 32."

Certainly Kuechly would be a "find" for the Giants at the end of the first round, but it's definitely possible that KC would let him slide by. While many label him as a good fit, there are other linebackers to be had in the draft and a name like David DeCastro could prove too much to pass on.

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