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NFL Draft 2012: Ryan Tannehill Could Fall Past Cleveland Browns To Dolphins, Chiefs

Ryan Tannehill’s stock has been surging over the past few weeks as various NFLD Draft analysts like Todd McShay continue to purport the notion that Tannehill is not that far of a drop from Robert Griffin III, and that he has the potential to be a great franchise quarterback. The buzz has mock experts curious if a team like the Dolphins or even Chiefs will trade up to take him before the Cleveland Browns could grab him at No. 4 overall. If you ask one Cleveland area sportswriter, it is a scenario that is hard to believe.

Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer has a hard time buying into the Tannehill buzz overall and doesn’t believe the Browns will be interested when the time comes. Instead, he believes the team will stick with adding skill position talent like Justin Blackmon.

Pluto writes, “I’d still be stunned if the Browns took him at No. 4, because he is not NFL ready. That’s supposed to be the case with Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, the top two quarterbacks. I don’t think the Browns’ recent support of Colt McCoy is a smoke screen so they can grab Tannehill. I believe they would rather go with McCoy for another year and keep adding strong players on offense and defense with the top picks rather than jump at Tannehill.”

The Chiefs could be interested if he falls all the way to No. 11, and the Dolphins could pounce as well. Both teams were interested in quarterbacks this offseason, yet neither one made any significant moves at the position. The Chiefs have already come out and said they will pick solely based on value since they filled any major needs via free agency. Thus, there’s no telling what the team will do.

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