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2012 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs Attend Missouri State Pro Day

As the Kansas City Chiefs take a closer look at a myriad of prospects to finish out their draft board heading into the 2012 NFL Draft over the last full weekend of April, more and more sightings of their scouts and coaching staff are reported here and there. The latest comes from the Missouri State Pro Day where the Chiefs were one of 14 teams there to check out players like running back Chris Douglas and nearly a dozen others.

Lyndal Scranton writes, “Douglas and former MSU receiver Jermaine Saffold were the standouts as scouts from 13 NFL teams clicked stopwatches and wielded notepads. The scouts issued a blanket ‘no comment’ afterward, but Douglas and Saffold filled out paperwork for multiple teams and running back Stephen Johnston for one team.”

The Chiefs were the only AFC West team in attendance, but other notable teams included the Steelers, Packers, Bears, Panthers and 49ers.

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