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Oakland Raiders Fire Scouting Director Of 33 Years

It's natural for any team going through a regime change from the top down that new personnel would be brought in and that long-term employees could find their jobs up for grabs. Sometimes the process takes a bit longer as the new leadership surveys the land before making their choices. It's clear that's what the Oakland Raiders new leaders have been doing under Reggie McKenzie and the rest of his staff. Unfortunately the hammer hit for a long-time employee of the Silver and Black.

The announcement came today from the NFL of the sacking of the team's college scouting director: "The Oakland Raiders have fired college scouting director Jon Kingdon, NFL Network learned Monday. Kingdon had been with the Raiders for 33 years." While Kingdon has a long tenure, that's a key position for any organization and it makes sense for McKenzie to feel good about who he has in that role in particular. McKenzie is going to want to build through the draft, so he needs to be on the same page with whoever is directing that endeavor.

There were no details made available concerning Kingdon's future or any quotes.