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Washington Redskins Release Jabar Gaffney After Career Year

It's a move that many predicted would eventually happen after the Washington Redskins signed numerous free agent receivers in a quick frenzy as soon as the FA period opened this offseason. Now teams hungry for a veteran wide receiver can make a bid on the newly released Jabar Gaffney after word went out today that the team had set him free. Gaffney played just one season with the Skins after playing for the Denver Broncos for the two seasons before that.

The Broncos might return to this well to grab another wide receiver, but it's unlikely the Chiefs will be interested despite their interest in another free agent veteran in Jerricho Cotchery earlier this offseason. Gaffney had a very productive year last year for Mike Shanahan with 68 catches for 947 yards and 5 touchdowns -- a career year for a player who is 31.

At the very least, Gaffney will catch on somewhere and he would make a great target for Andrew Luck as a solid veteran receiver for the Colts.