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Brandon Carr Contrasts Dallas Cowboys' Offseason Program With The Chiefs'

Former Kansas City Chief Brandon Carr commented on what noted was an unusually high level of participation from member of his new team, the Dallas Cowboys, during offseason workouts. Carr made the comment to the Dallas Morning News, and it certainly says something about the Chiefs:

"I was just surprised coming into this whole process of being a free agent and meeting with the Cowboys that a lot of the guys stay here and workout," Carr said after an NFL Play 60 fitness event in North Dallas. "That's something you don't really see with a lot of teams, guys staying for the off-season when they could be out traveling to other cities and other states. The guys are here and getting it in."

It's hard not to take Carr's comments as evidence few Chiefs are committed to staying in Kansas City and working out with the team year-round. Even with Carr lauding the offseason participation, the Morning News piece ironically frames the Cowboys - not the Chiefs - as the organization that's lacked team leadership in recent season.

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