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Dontari Poe Spends Chiefs Rookie Mini-Camp Learning Proper Technique

The knock on Dontari Poe coming out of Memphis and into the NFL Draft was that he was a workout warrior only and was a raw product that needed development. The Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, saw their future and believed that Poe could become something special under head coach Romeo Crennel. That very work begins this weekend.

Poe spent the first bit of practice at the Chiefs rookie mini-camp, held this weekend at Arrowhead, honing his technique.

"We were focusing on just being explosive," Poe said. "We really don't do too much of this kind of technique in college, so I'm just out here trying to learn the mental part the best that I can now and the physical part will come later."

"I learned a lot out here on the first day. I learned more than I thought that I would, but this is all a process. I'm doing the best I can and taking it day-by-day."

Crennel commented on the growth of his player and the work that still remains ahead.

"He has a ways to go because he's learning a different system," Crennel said. "Until he can get his footwork, stance and technique with his hands down, it will come, but it takes some time."

"He's playing a position where contact rules when the ball is snapped. We have to teach him the technique, but we have to get him in pads for him to be able to polish the technique. We can see some of the improvement with the guy hitting the bag and trying to understand, but until he puts the pads on and you have contact, that's when he can polish the technique the most."

The mini-camp lasts through Sunday.

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