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Chiefs Rookie Mini-Camp: Dontari Poe Q&A After Day One

At the end of day one, Dontari Poe seemed tired but focused. One thing for sure, he is handling expectations and the media very well at his first mini-camp with the Kansas City Chiefs. He took a few minutes out after the opening day of practice for the Chiefs draft class to answer questions and it's clear he's saying exactly what you'd expect from a top selection from Scott Pioli.

Here's the video of the media session while the complete interview is transcribed below:

Reporter: How was your first day?

Dontari Poe: It was pretty good. I learned a lot. I learned a lot on the first day, more than I thought I would, but it's all a process. I'm doing the best I can day by day.

Do you feel a pressure to learn as fast as you can to get on the field right away?

I'm doing it anyway. My point of view on it is that pressure is whatever you make of it, so I'm just working my hardest doing the best I can. That's all I can do.

More eyes on you than some of the other rookies?

There may be, but like I said, that don't really concern me. Whether I was the first pick or the last, I'm going to come in here and give it my all anyway. That's what I continue to do.

What do you want to take away from this mini-camp?

To learn everything that I can. People don't know there's a big mental part to this game, and the learning in the curve in the NFL is pretty faster than anything else, so it's just getting as much knowledge as I can.

What'd they have you focus on over there in the corner for about an hour?

Just being explosive. You really don't do too much of this technique when you're in college, so coming here and like I said trying to learn the mental part of it as much as I can. The physical part will come to me.

What are your expectations for yourself as a rookie?

Just being the best. What more can I ask for? Whether that's Pro Bowl or starting or whatever that may be, I'm satisfied with just doing the best that I can.

You get some good one-on-one time with Romeo?

Not yet. I've talked to him. In my visit here I talked to him and he's a very inspirational guy. He's a different kind of coach, but he's the kind of coach you can't do anything but respect.

How's your day going to end today?

Probably a lot of Gatorade and a lot of sleep. Just getting ready to come back here tomorrow and repeat this day. Just do my best and work my hardest.

You guys got the playbooks yesterday. What are those like?

Yeah, I hit those every night. It's a big book, but like I said, you do the best you can. That's the best you can do. I can't be happy with anything but the best I can be.

Coming from Conference USA, do you think you faced good enough competition to compete at this level?

Yeah, to me football is football. Just on this level, the athletes are bigger, faster and stronger. Whether you're coming from a big school or a small school, this is a jump from anywhere. So you just have to come in here practicing to get ready for it.

You mentioned around the draft that you feel you have something to prove. You still feel that way?

Every day. Every day I come out here, I know that some of my people have heard negatives about me, so as much as I can prove them wrong, just trying to do that every day.

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