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Kansas City Chiefs Rookies Join Veterans Today As Offseason Workouts Continue

From Friday through Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs indoctrinated several new faces into the culture of Arrowhead and the speed and technique of the NFL. Even without pads, it was clear to everyone involved that the pro level is going to take everything and that making the team will be their hardest test yet. Now those rookies will have a chance to work with the pros they’ve admired.

Last weekend was the official rookie mini-camp which now gives way to the veterans returning to Arrowhead Stadium. As the offseason workouts continue today, the Chiefs draft picks, tryout players and undrafted free agents join the fray to help build team chemistry and show the coaching staff what they have when combining everything.

"We got a little something done, got them introduced to our system, to the way that we do things, what we expect of them a little bit," Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said of Kansas City’s rookie class. "I think they got their eyes opened a little, and probably the best part about it now is that they don’t go back home, they get to stay here and then we indoctrinate them into our offseason program.

"Tomorrow morning, they’re going to be doing individual drills with the veterans. Then, they’re going to lift in the second lifting group, which doesn’t have a whole lot of guys in it anyway, and then in the afternoon, they’re going to be in the classroom and doing player program information, so they get to continue what we started. We feel good about that."

To be compared to other hopefuls is one thing, but playing alongside celebrated veterans is another. This will be important for the Chiefs to see what the new guys can do alongside the incumbents. Perhaps they’ll be surprised by who rises to the top.

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