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Kansas City Chiefs Executives Talk Super Bowl Title Expectations

The Kansas City Chiefs are decades removed from Super Bowl celebrations, but that didn't stop Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt from talking about the title expectations during a press event celebrating the franchise's 50 years in Kansas City. For a team once again rebuilding with a new head coach and uncertainty at key positions, it's bold talk aimed at a dedicated but starved fan base:

"It’s been a long time since Kansas City has enjoyed the celebration that goes with winning a Super Bowl and I desperately want to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy and then the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which my dad named."

"I’m always impatient," Hunt said when asked to provide his own championship timeframe. "I want to win today and tomorrow, and it can never come soon enough. I’ve also been around the business long enough to know that you have to have some patience and if you lose your patience it will result in mistakes that set you back."

New head coach Romeo Crennell - the team's interim after the firing of Todd Haley - talked about titles as well. The Chiefs finished 2011 7-9 and in last place in the AFC West.

"As you look at the league, we’ve all seen teams that we’ve said are going to win the Super Bowl and then they don’t even make the playoffs," Crennel said. "Then we’ve seen teams that nobody thinks are going to make it to the Super Bowl end up making it to the Super Bowl. I go into it with the thought that if I can do a good job and be competitive, and then we are going to have a chance to win. Then, if we win enough of them, who knows where we’re going to go?

More information on the Chiefs' 50-year celebration, including a tour featuring members of the Super Bowl IV Championship team (and the trophy) can be found at the Chiefs' official site.

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