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Scott Pioli Explains Why Kansas City Chiefs Didn't Take Quarterback In 2012 NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs worked out a number of quarterbacks going into the 2012 NFL Draft and were often linked with Kirk Cousins in the middle rounds or possibly Ryan Tannehill in the first round. Yet when all 8 picks were selected and announced, not a single quarterback graced the Chiefs draft class despite notions to the contrary.

Recently Scott Pioli took to the airwaves of WHB in Kansas City with Kevin Keitzman to discuss a few topics, one of which was the lack of quarterback in the draft.

"I wouldn’t say it was a weak class but I think we would’ve been reaching," said Pioli. "By the time we made our first pick there were three quarterbacks off the board and I think it continued to shift dramatically. I’m also a firm believer in: You don’t wanna overdraft. Philosophically I’ve talked about drafting based on best player available and trying to do a combination of best player available and need."

The lack of quarterback could come back to haunt the Chiefs this offseason. Whether through free agency or the draft, the Chiefs need someone to back up Matt Cassel. Since Cassel went down for half the season last year, it’s very likely that Brady Quinn or Ricky Stanzi will be responsible for handling the offense. Given the rest of his moves, that’s an odd chance to take given the state of the overall roster.

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