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Stanford Routt Remembers Junior Seau As 'One Of The Best Linebackers To Ever Do It''

Stanford Routt is one of the first players to take to Twitter to express their emotions at the tragic news of Junior Seau's unexpected passing, and he speaks for most when he both celebrates his career and expresses shock over the news and the timing of it all.

The Chiefs cornerback has been around the NFL long enough to have seen Seau play for several years, although no player can match Seau's incredible longevity in the NFL for a full 20 seasons. Drafted in 1990, Seau went on to play two entire decades at the highest level for the Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots.

While the details aren't fully known, what is clear is that one of the game's best has been lost. Expect many more players to issue their own statements of sorrow and remembrance.