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Tamba Hali Among 4 Chiefs Players Listed Among NFL's Top 100 By CBS Sports

The month of May is supposed to bring flowers according to old adage. In the world of football coverage, however, it brings about a myriad of lists each year as coverage dies down and beat writers have to find something to talk about. Enter Pete Prisco's latest list at CBS Sports listing the NFL's Top 100 players as he sees them heading into the 2012 year.

Injuries don't count and players move up and down a lot more in something like this than perhaps what the NFL Network is currently rolling out. While Aaron Rodgers sits atop Prisco's list, there are four Kansas City Chiefs on the list overall and they are probably the very guys that you would predict.

Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Derrick Johnson and Dwayne Bowe are the Chiefs listed among the NFL's best. Interestingly enough, Brandon Carr is also present, which means that the Chiefs defense truly enjoyed an incredible amount of playmakers in 2011. Eric Berry also certainly should be included if not for his season-ending injury last year that took him out of the public eye.

The Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers had six players apiece.