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NFL Considering Changing Trade Deadline To Week 8

The NFL owners are meeting this week to vote on a series of rule changes, all of which could greatly affect the way the season plays out, especially when looking at the Chiefs last season. Perhaps none would have made such a difference as the one moving the trade deadline back only two weeks -- from Week 6 to Week 8.

The current trade deadline before the mid-season point is the earliest trade deadline in any major sport, and it keeps many teams from being able to make moves to gain something from assets no longer valuable to them (i.e. a veteran near the end of his contract for a draft choice). The Chiefs last season lost Matt Cassel to injury too late for them to make a move for a replacement -- at least via trade -- but moving the deadline back even a couple of weeks allows teams to make adjustments that could be very important.

While even Week 8 is a concession that I believe is far too early (should be week 10 or 11), the new deadline would definitely keep things interesting in terms of personnel moves right around the bye weeks for most teams as they get a good look at what they still need.